My Journey North: random thoughts from a reluctant blogger

I am a reluctant blogger

So, here I am, sitting in a space I never could have imagined I’d be.  I am a reluctant blogger.  Many begin their writing career by blogging, or by supplementing their online presence with a blog ultimately longing for a book deal or a speaking gig.  I am not writing from any of those places.  This blog may help with my online presence, but that is not my goal.  I can’t imagine sitting down to write a book either.  To be honest, the thought of writing a book, and the level of discipline it would take, makes me want to hide in a dark room and pull the covers over my head.  By now, you might be asking yourself, “If she doesn’t like to write or want to write, then why on earth is she writing?” That is a great question! 

Compelled to write

I am writing not from a place of “want to” but from a place where I believe I am “compelled to” write – a place far outside my comfort zone.  “Random thoughts from a reluctant blogger” doesn’t even describe my process – not really anyway.  I don’t have a specific audience in mind, nor a particular topic or direction for my writing.  I won’t be giving you the recipe of the day or some nifty craft idea, at least I don’t think I will be doing that. 

Random Thoughts

My Journey North will be random thoughts. What you will read, in the words collected in my posts will be reflections. As I see the Holy Spirit at work, through relationships, from my study time in God’s Word, or through random stuff that makes me stop in my tracks for a moment and re-evaluate my life, I’ll share and work through some of those thoughts here, in this blog.

I can not guarantee great profundity or some tremendous scholarly work, but I invite you to read a little bit about My Journey North. If you have knocked around my website or social media pages, you probably have a good idea what Journey North is all about, but in case you haven’t been there yet, I can sum it up for you in one simple thought: My goal for my life and for those I work with is to quit running in circles and experience the forward motion that creates growth and helps us achieve those goals, hopes, and dreams God placed in our hearts when He created us. Within the words and posts you read here, it is my prayer you will find the courage and encouragement you need to “turn north.”  “You have been around this mountain enough, Turn North!” Deuteronomy 2:3.  

One last thing

One last thing before we get going, I don’t know if I will have the comment section on, to begin with, but if you ever see that section enabled, I have one simple request.  Please feel free to share your thoughts and ask any questions you might have, but please do be respectful and honor those who are posting.  As you will soon read in the first official blog I will post (tomorrow), honoring someone does not mean you agree with them, it means you honor the image of Christ in them.  Therefore, if you choose to comment on my blog or on any other comment shared, please frame your words as if you were writing them to the image of Christ Himself.   

And with that, here we go…

Holly Watson
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About Holly

Holly is a commissioned minister of Pastoral Care from the National Conservative Christian Church/Experience Church.  She has served in ministry for many years in various roles including adult Sunday School co-director with her husband David, part of a church planting team in Phoenix, AZ, children’s choir teacher, nursery director, director of Women’s Ministry and director of Children’s Ministry and Chaplain for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Rapid Response Team.

Holly holds a B.A. Biblical Studies from San Diego Christian College in El Cajon, an M.A. Clinical Christian Counseling from Colorado Theological Seminary; she gained her CPLC (Certified Professional Life Coach) from Christian Coach Institute, holds a Teaching Diploma from the Evangelical Training Association in Wheaton Ill., and a Certification in Temperament Therapy from the National Christian Counselors Association.

Holly struggled with school and learning for many years. This cycle was broken in her mid-twenties when she began to have success after having a couple of engaging teachers who communicated and encouraged the learner in her. Graduating college with honors and later being accepted to the University of Southern California have become milestones that help her inspire others to work towards and achieve their goals, hopes, and dreams.