The mission of Journey North Coaching is quite simple

...to help people stop the crazy cycle of going round and round that mountain. Journey North Coaching is all about helping others connect the dots between God’s Word and everyday life so they can lead the amazingly fulfilling life God has for them.

Holly Watson

Holly's Biblical Background

Holly is a commissioned minister of Pastoral Care from the National Conservative Christian Church/Experience Church.  She has served in ministry for many years in various roles including adult Sunday School co-director with her husband David, part of a church planting team in Phoenix, AZ, children’s choir teacher, nursery director, director of Women’s Ministry and director of Children’s Ministry and Chaplain for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Rapid Response Team.

Holly holds a B.A. Biblical Studies from San Diego Christian College in El Cajon, an M.A. Clinical Christian Counseling from Colorado Theological Seminary; she gained her CPLC (Certified Professional Life Coach) from Christian Coach Institute, earned her ACC credential from the International Coaching Federation, holds a Teaching Diploma from the Evangelical Training Association in Wheaton Ill., a Certification in Temperament Therapy from the National Christian Counselors Association, and is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors.

Holly struggled with school and learning for many years. This cycle was broken in her mid-twenties when she began to have success after having a couple of engaging teachers who communicated and encouraged the learner in her. Graduating college with honors and later being accepted to the University of Southern California have become milestones that help her inspire others to work towards and achieve their goals, hopes, and dreams.

Founded on Deuteronomy 2:3

“You have been around this mountain enough, turn north.”

The reality that the Israelites had literally circled the same mountain for 40 years has stuck in my mind. People do the same thing today, round and round we go, doing the same things over and over again while longing for something different. That “different” comes from looking to God, His Word and the examples observed in the life of Christ.