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Learning how to connect the dots between God’s Word and everyday living...

...has become Holly’s superpower. Through the work of the Holy Spirit in her own life, Holly puts 2 Corinthians 1:3-7 to work each day, encouraging and walking alongside others who are going through difficult and often defeating life experiences. Deuteronomy 2:3, “You have been around this mountain enough! Turn north!” has become her life’s verse and how she guides others to freedom and the extraordinary life of their dreams.

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Potential Topics

Overcoming Defeat
Our Identity in Christ
Good Clay
Decision Making
Discerning God's Will
Loving Others

"The picture in my mind of how life would be has changed many times. I have been married and divorced - that wasn’t in my plan; I have been a single parent - that wasn’t in my plan; I lost a parent at a young age - that wasn’t in my plan; I have made two BIG moves away from family - that wasn’t in my plan; I have pursued a degree and not been able to step out into my field - that wasn’t in my plan either. All these life experiences required a change of direction. If I had not chosen to make a change, I would have ended up right back in the same mess or maybe even something worse. Thankfully, God had a plan for me that was beyond my wildest imagination, and while I have had many years considering “what next?” I have come to know the importance of being willing to change my direction. I am blown away at God’s hand and provision along my journey."

Holly wholeheartedly believes the Bible holds the answers to life’s questions. If you would like more information regarding booking Holly to speak to your group, please complete the interest form accompanying this page.

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